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Dear Holy Word Member,

No more searching for the latest church calendar!
No more thumbing through an out-of-date church directory!
No more wondering what church groups Holy Word offers!

Holy Word has centralized all this information into a new, interactive church website designed with your needs in mind. Holy Word has teamed up with Church Community Builder (CCB), a leader in web-based church software, to bring you a dynamic database with up to the minute information and fellowship opportunities.

This centralized application allows you to interact with our church community, explore service opportunities, find out about new groups starting up at church, chat with other members, view church event details, plus much more!

While the CCB database is very user-friendly, it will take a little time and training to become familiar with all that this new website has to offer. The sooner you understand how to operate this system, the sooner you can take part in this vibrant online community.

Several members of Holy Word Church have been working for months to bring the website up to date and we are now ready to unveil it to you. On Monday, November 20th you were sent an email entitled "Holy Word Lutheran Church Website Login". Your Holy Word/CCB website login and password information was given to you in this email. If you need to update your email address with the church secretary, Lucille Steger, now is a perfect time to do that.

Once you receive your login information, please go to to begin exploring Holy Word's newest interactive, outreach tool. We've posted a detailed Basic User Guide on this website (look under the "Documents" section) to help kick start your CCB education.

While it is not necessary that everyone take part in this online community, it is highly encouraged. The tool is very user-friendly, however church members will be available to give one-on-one instructions to those who are new computer users or feel that they need more assistance with this tool.

We look forward to helping you understand all that this website has to offer, so please don't hesitate to talk with us about your questions or concerns.

May God bless all our efforts.

Kim Chambers and Gretchen Preston
Download the Basic Training Guide for CCB here in Document Section of this site
"If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17